Affordable Reclaimed Resale Shop

If you are searching for a reclaimed resale shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania specializing in finding hidden treasures, you've found it with ReStore of Philadelphia Inc. We scour the local area for items that will appeal to you. Intrigue may bring you in, but our affordable prices will bring you back.



Focusing on the resale of well-constructed items from the past, we sell anything that was affixed to a house, and then some. With more than 15,000 items on-hand at any given moment, we have just about everything, including:

• Antique Doors
• Mantels
• Windows
• Antique Tile
• Cabinets
•Plumbing Fixtures


• Hardware
• Stairwell Parts •Marble


•Unusual Artifacts

Wide Variety

What makes our store unique is that you never know what we're going to carry on a given day, as it is always changing. Customers from all walks of life pay us a visit to buy old pieces to make their new or current home look vintage and historical. All items are affordable, clean, and organized.


Weekly, we provide deconstruction and removal services, whether industrial, commercial, or residential at no cost to the owners. We prefer pre-1930 authentic vintage materials.

Why Use Us

By calling us, you can save money on labor costs for removal and dumpster fees. Our trained deconstruction crew knows how to carefully and respectfully remove items. As ReStore of Philadelphia, Inc is committed to a sustainable business practice, contact us for your salvage needs or a consultation.